TV Shows To Get You Through Self-Isolation

This was supposed to go up in June but due to my (unexpected) blogging holiday, it’s here now. Maybe not quite during lockdown anymore, but everyone is always looking for new tv shows to watch, right? Little Fires Everywhere Click…


What have you been prioritising? (Or my plans for summer 2020)

“What have you been prioritising?” Listening to a podcast, and being asked this question, hit me hard. Because I haven’t been prioritising anything. Not really, anyway. (Watching Dr. Phil on YouTube doesn’t count.) I’ve just been going through the motions.…


10-hour Teaching Practice Webinar // The TEFL-Academy

About two weeks ago, I got the chance to do the 10-hour teaching practice webinar from the TEFL-academy. There are currently no other courses like this one. Due to the current situation, a lot of recent TEFL-graduates can’t start doing…


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