books I read in January 2021

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes a new Goodreads Reading Challenge. I set my goal for this year to 50 – the same as last year, as I just haven’t been reading as much as I used to. (Throwback to 2018 when I read 178 (!) books.)

So far in 2021, I’ve read six books, with number seven almost finished. So here they are, the books I read in January 2021, and what I thought of them.

The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling

I started the year of with a children’s book by my favourite childhood author. The Ickabog. I got this book as an e-book and am 99% certain that there was something wrong with the file, as it seemed as though a large part of the story was missing. It just didn’t make sense. (I also didn’t care enough to try and find another copy, so we’ll never know.) Don’t recommend – 1 star.

One Way or Another

I think I would’ve loved this one when I was 16 – books about people that age in high school just don’t really do it for me anymore. Unless they’re extremely well-written. A cute book, with two different scenarios playing out at the same time, showing us that sometimes two different roads can still lead to the same destination.

The Flip Side

A guy proposed to his long-term girlfriend, who instead of accepting, breaks up with him. Because he believes he’s been making all the wrong decisions, he decides to start flipping a coin for every decision he has to make for a year. What can go wrong?

This was unexpectedly cute. I loved that it took place in England (which not a lot of romcoms do) and read this pretty much in one sitting. 4 stars!

Something in the way/Somebody Else’s Sky by Jessica Hawkins

Next, I read the first two books in the Something in the Way-series by Jessica Hawkins. These books follow the story of a 16-year-old girl (in the first book) who meets a twenty-something guy that she immediately falls in love with, and that her sister then starts dating. Extremely slow-burn, and I’m still not sure how I felt about these books, but I’ll give them 3 stars for entertainment.

Chaser by Kylie Scott

A young girl moves to a small town, pregnant and alone. There she meets womaniser Eric, who immediately falls for her. A classic new adult romance, but that’s really what you want when you pick up a book by Kylie Scott. 4 stars!

And the last book, I’m still currently reading:

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson

I’m 80% done with this book and I already know this is going to get 5 stars. Unless the ending is really disappointing. There’s witches, magic, a strange religion, woods… Everything you need to make a good story. Would recommend this to anyone interested in magical stories!

Do you have any book recommendations for 2021 so far? Let me know 🙂


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