how to make life decisions

Making big life decisions can be daunting. It means choosing a direction and perhaps giving up something that has become comfortable but ultimately unsatisfying or unrewarding. Today I wanted to talk about some ways to help you make life decisions more easily. 

Remember that you always have a choice

Has something been nagging at you for sometime? It could be a dissatisfaction with a job, a partner, or a lifestyle. If you have some dissatisfaction like this it’s a sign that you may need to make some choices or decisions. These might be small or large  it depends. 

Often we are ignoring something in our experience, you might be choosing security over happiness, for instance, which is leading to compromise and dissatisfaction. The first thing to do is bring your unconscious ideas into your immediate experience. Try labeling them to identify them before making a decision. 

Question your choices

We have a tendency to become attached to our decisions and choices. We have made them therefore we need to stand behind them and back them up, even if they don’t appear to be working out. It’s important to remember that decision making is not a fixed phenomenon.

Decisions you make, even big life decisions, can be changed in light of new feelings and moods. Keep your choices and decisions under review and monitor them to see if they’re working for you. Don’t be afraid to tweak them or even change them to align more closely with what you want. 

Be aware of your small self

You have two selves, a small self and a big self. The small self is interested in security, ownership, and protection, the big self is interested in fulfillment, joy, completeness. If you’re making decisions from the viewpoint of the small self it might lead to dissatisfaction. 

Becoming aware of your small self can help you make decisions that will lead ultimately to fulfillment and happiness. You may have to let go of some of your fear to do this and maybe take a chance on something you love with the help of Buddy Loans, but it’s worth it if it leads to greater self-knowledge and happiness. 

Ask for help

Nobody lives in a vacuum even if our small self wants to lead us to that way of thinking. The fact is there are people all around us who can contribute to our decision making process. Make a short list of the people you trust the most, perhaps include people you admire and who have made decisions you respect.

A word of caution, however; just because you respect someone’s opinions doesn’t mean they are always right. And it doesn’t mean they will be right for you either. When you communicate with your friend or mentor, try to be as honest as you can, and don’t feel like they have the answer for you. 

Look for Signs 

It’s useful to keep a journal regularly, even if it’s only a few words a day on your convenient diary app. You will notice patterns and signs in your notes that can help you gain perspective on a lifestyle you’re living and help you make fulfilling choices for your life and future. 


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