practical ways to get ready for autumn

Autumn is official and those nice warm summer evenings have disappeared, at least for now. But this is still an exciting season. Trees with beautiful colours and signs of winter are slowly creeping in. This can only mean one thing: Halloween, Christmas and a number of other cosy winter holidays are going to keep us busy.

I’ve already covered exciting things you can do to prepare for autumn in my Ultimate Autumn To-Do List, and many of those were about getting in the autumnal spirit. There are also many practical steps you can take, ensuring your own comfort and well-being as the weather turns chilly.

So here are five practical things you can do to prepare for autumn properly.

Doors and Window: In summer, you tend to have those doors and windows wide open, letting fresh air into your home. But when it’s storming outside, the last thing you want to do is let cold air in. Make sure you check that no draughts can come to prepare for autumn, and eventually, winter. The weather is usually pretty good until November, so there is time to sort out your windows now.

Heating: We’re getting to that time of year where we turn on the heat, and you want to make sure that works. Even if you only turn it on for a few hours. Just so you’re prepared for winter. It might be wise to have your boiler system serviced, which means a professional would look it over for any signs it might breakdown over winter. You can even insure your boiler so you don’t have to pay hundreds of pounds if it breaks. 

HomeServe outline how boiler policies can range from standalone breakdown protection to including a full service and even protection for your entire heating system. You might want to investigate extended cover for your system to help protect against frozen pipes and other issues that can develop

Roof and Gutters: If possible, you should get up on a ladder and clear the gutters. (Mine were so full, I actually had rainwater flooding into my cottage during a storm a few weeks ago.) If you don’t like heights, and you live with other people, you can always ask for some help from a professional or even your landlord. 

Country Living explains how gutters are meant to direct water flow away from your home, rather than down your walls. Gutters are at risk in autumn as falling leaves cause blockages, which can lead to water leaking either down the outside of the house or running down the inside of walls. I learned this the hard way! This can cause damage to the structure of your building, so it is important to ensure you clean them properly whilst you have the chance.

Fertilise Your Lawn: If you want to enjoy a nice green lawn next year, this is the time to start planning for it. Grass doesn’t grow in the winter and the cold weather can even do a lot of damage, especially if you walk across it regularly. By putting fertilizer down now, you can improve growth in the spring and protect against weeds now. If you think ahead, you’ll have a wonderful outdoor space by the time spring comes back around.

Safety Devices: Something you might do all year around, but you should make sure your safety devices are all working properly. You are going to have your heating on more and the doors and windows will be closed, so it is a good idea to check the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices in your home. If you live in rented accommodation, it might be your landlord’s responsibility. Check the UK Government guidelines to see what responsibilities your landlord has. There’s a good chance they have to install the device, but such as replacing the batteries could be down to you.


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