May Recap

I used to do a new monthly update every month. But it’s been a while. This month, I decided to go back to them because of the crazy times we’re currently in. It will be interesting to look back on this in the future to read about all the things I did while under lockdown.


So, May was actually a pretty good month. I got a bit more work in, especially compared to the past few months.

I had a great opportunity where I could do a 10-hour teaching practice webinar from the TEFL Academy for free and take over GoAbroad’s instastories for the day. Which was nerve-wracking – I’m really not used to talking to a camera. So I’m very proud of myself for doing that.


The weather has started to get better, meaning I’ve been wearing all my nice summer clothes. This also led to a few panic work-outs as I could see more clearly that I lost a lot of muscle by not being able to go to the gym. (I can’t wait for them to open again.)

Another thing that happened is that I started my Yoga Teacher Training. A few months ago, I had a vague plan about travelling the world for a year of two. And that plan included a few months in India doing a yoga teacher training. But I’ve (mostly) changed my mind about the travelling. And because of Covid-19, a lot of yoga alliance certified training programme’s have temporarily moved online.


I started buying stuff for my garden at the end of April and May was the month of putting everything together. I’ve even sown a few lavender seeds that are starting to bloom! (Proud plant mum.)

And then the last thing: my bedroom. I’ve finally realised why this is my least favourite room in my cottage. There’s not enough colours in there. And zero plants. I’ve ordered a few accessories and fake plants (real ones on carpet are a mess) and will start decorating as soon as I’ve received everything.

Writing this all down, it sounds like I’ve been really productive. I had plenty of days where I just sat outside and read books or played games. And there were a lot of tears when the lockdown was extended with another three weeks at the beginning of the month.

It wasn’t all good. But it wasn’t all bad, either. And at the moment, that’s all we can hope for.


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