Portrait of a Freelancer // Living as an Artist

Just before September started, I wrote a blog post about how I was going to do a challenge called 12 Months of Living as an Artist. The first month of this challenge is now over and I have created my own little series of photos called “Portrait of a Freelancer.”


  • my Canon EOS M3 camera
  • a tripod – I bought this at the beginning of the month and it was definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made
  • VSCO photo editing app

I took a few photography classes on Skillshare to learn more about different ways to take photos and also learned a lot about different kinds of lighting, angles and even a bit about editing. I even took a course on how to pose when taking photographs of yourself, which still feels like the most awkward thing I’ve ever done.

Click here to get two months of Skillshare Premium for free!

Other than working on this series of photos, I’ve also been taking photos of things around the house, outside and doing research on how to take better photos for this blog.

The most important things I’ve learned regarding photography is to do research. If you have something you want to take a picture of, go to Pinterest, look at the different ways people have photographed this object and get inspired.

I really enjoyed this last month and will definitely continue with photography – I’m even considering getting back into posting stuff on Instagram again. The photos I took are definitely not the best, but hey, I got out of my comfort zone and did it!

Up to the challenge for October: knitting!

writing in a cafe – taken on my phone, which is clear from the lower quality of this picture
in the kitchen – scrolling on Instagram instead of doing work
enjoying the last warm days of the year by working outside
planning out my week in my office

I already have plans for a few other photos to add to this little series so will definitely be adding to this post as I take those!


  1. Elizabeth O
    5 October 2019 / 12:01 pm

    I admire your love for photography and the willingness to master your craft. Hope you all the best and enjoy !!

  2. 27 September 2019 / 7:33 pm

    Lovely picture. You are determined. Best wishes for a wonderful future. Freelancing is tough but looks like you are doing great already. 😊

  3. Ellie Plummer
    26 September 2019 / 11:34 am

    I love your office. Freelancing is so difficult, I really admire you for having the motivation and ambition to do it.

  4. 26 September 2019 / 3:17 am

    I just join skillshare and did not what classes to take, now you gave me an idea, I’ll try a photography class.

  5. itsahero
    25 September 2019 / 9:53 pm

    Hmm I never thought to get photo inspo from pinterest! Great idea!

  6. 25 September 2019 / 3:56 pm

    It’s great that you are trying to improve your photography skills, I better check out Skillshare someday. Those are some amazing photos and freelancing isn’t an easy thing to do which is quite brave of you to do.

  7. Jasmine M
    25 September 2019 / 3:21 pm

    I am loving this series! I’ll have to check out skillshare soon. I’ve been wanting to work on my photography skills for my blog as well. So thanks for this! Also I love your hair!

  8. delhifundos2014
    25 September 2019 / 2:04 pm

    Good to know that you are working on your photography skills. I will definitely going to take 2 month free trial. I want to learn photography too

  9. 25 September 2019 / 10:45 am

    Hats off and kudos to you for the courage you have in pursuing freelancing. It is tough but it is always perfect to pursue your passion and you will do it.

  10. 25 September 2019 / 9:01 am

    Great job. I can totally relate and I salute you for taking the road that you love and most passionate about. 🙂

  11. 25 September 2019 / 3:18 am

    You are so relaxed in your photos. It’s so cool that you get a job that you really love to do.

  12. anchoredinelegance
    25 September 2019 / 2:18 am

    You are so right about the need to research a skill you want to pick up thoroughly. I’m a photography newbie and find it so helpful to see what others do!

  13. Steph S
    25 September 2019 / 1:49 am

    Freelancing isn’t easy! Making a living freelancing and as a photographer must be fun and worth it!

  14. 25 September 2019 / 1:35 am

    I’ve started going outside in the mornings with my tablet and coffee. And, I’ve discovered that not only do I get inspiration for my photos but I actually get through a lot more emails than I do indoors.

  15. 24 September 2019 / 9:50 pm

    What a brave soul. Freelancing is not all rosy considering there is no steady income, but nothing beats doing what you are passionate about, I hope you start sharing your work on Instagram soon.

  16. Michael David Oyco
    24 September 2019 / 6:30 pm

    Supporting a brave soul like you. So few do their passion/hobby as their main source of income. its because we love doing it so I hope you get your success in the near future.

  17. 24 September 2019 / 5:49 pm

    Hahahah! I can so relate to the sitting in kitchen, working on assignments and then scrolling instagram! I will be waiting for more pictures! 🙂

  18. sdamasceno
    24 September 2019 / 5:20 pm

    I have wanted to start taking some classes on Skillshare but haven’t had the time to yet. I need to get on that.

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