Clumber Park // Travel Diary

When I was visiting Nottinghamshire, I didn’t just go to Sherwood Forest. I also went to Nottingham (do not recommend) and Clumber Park (recommend!)

Clumber Park is a beautiful estate that was once the seat of the Duke’s of Newcastle. The mansion’s no longer there, but all the surrounding buildings still stand. If you’re not done walking yet after seeing Sherwood Forest, get in the car and drive to Clumber Park (part of the National Trust). It’s only fifteen minutes from Sherwood Forest and has a completely different atmosphere.

There’s a huge lake, a church, an adventure playground, a cafe, a discovery centre and a lot of trees to climb in. Perfect for a day out with the kids (that I didn’t have with me)!


  1. Elizabeth O
    1 December 2018 / 3:47 pm

    This place is so perfect for date. So peaceful and it’s natural itself. 🙂

  2. Amanda Arthur Krill
    30 November 2018 / 4:14 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous. Curious as to why you don’t recommend Nottigham, though!

  3. Clare Minall
    30 November 2018 / 1:00 pm

    Oh wow, this is such a great place to relax. The scenery is really fantastic. That place looks really peaceful.

  4. Diana Tidswell
    29 November 2018 / 8:22 am

    That place is such a beautiful spot for a family. I love those photos, it’s really beautiful.

  5. 29 November 2018 / 6:07 am

    How lovely! Those old buildings and benches leave me wondering what life was like when they were constructed. What all must they have seen over the years?

  6. 29 November 2018 / 5:38 am

    Oh wow! Your pictures are amazing! By what you wrote it seems like a great place to visit!

  7. 29 November 2018 / 1:32 am

    Serene place… Books are the first thing that comes to mind when i looked at this place.

  8. Danielle
    29 November 2018 / 1:14 am

    Wow this place is absolutely beautiful! I would love to get out there and explore a little bit.

  9. 28 November 2018 / 11:09 am

    So cool. I allways wanted to visit Sherwood Forest, it’s a child dream but, i didnt know about Clumber Park. Now i want to know it too 🙂 It looks great

  10. 28 November 2018 / 6:55 am

    So, you prefer Clumber Park over Nottingham? Interesting. It actually does look more peaceful. I really love the atmosphere it gives out.

  11. Bindu Thomas
    28 November 2018 / 5:46 am

    What a beautiful place! I will surely visit there when I go to England. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sondra Barker
    28 November 2018 / 4:13 am

    I love getting outsides and looking at earth’s nature. The trees are so green and beautiful!

  13. 27 November 2018 / 11:57 pm

    Oh how these pictures make me want to go sit there and read a romantic novel. What a dreamy ambiance. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. 27 November 2018 / 9:47 pm

    That definitely looks like a place I would love to visit if I ever get to England!

  15. worldlytreat
    27 November 2018 / 9:07 pm

    I love the beautiful landscape of Clumber park. It looks so calming and full of character.

  16. 27 November 2018 / 1:36 pm

    Wow! it’s so beautiful and green. I’m sure you would have enjoyed being there.

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