Camping in Penzance

When I first told people I was going to go camping, they all looked at me in complete shock. And I get why. I’ve never really been one for sleeping in a tent. I did it a couple of times when I was younger and just didn’t like it. This summer, though, I’m sleeping in a tent for eight nights in a row. And I started in Penzance, Cornwall.

While I was in Penzance, I wrote a lot. And that was part of the reason why I wanted to sleep in a tent and go on this trip. No internet means that there is nothing to do but write. (And read, which I’ve also been doing. But in between chapters, I write.) It’s been very relaxing.

Trengwainton Garden

On the first day of my holiday that I wasn’t driving, I walked to the Trengwainton Garden. This is supposed to be a tropical garden and it’s part of the National Trust. Unfortunately, they are closed on Fridays and Saturdays (the day I was there) and they are not that tropical. Since I am a member of the National Trust, and they hadn’t actually closed the gates to the gardens, I sneaked in there and walked around anyway, The gardens were pretty and there was an amazing house (private property) that I would have loved to see from up close.

St. Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount is also a part of the National Trust and definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. I walked to Marazion from my hostel in Penzance (which was about six miles) and got on a boat to get to the island. When the tide is low, you can actually walk there. There are tours through the village (people actually live there!) and you can walk up to the castle and look around there. Be aware: it’s a long way to the top and the stairs are very steep.

From the castle looking down at the sea…

This mural was done only a couple of years ago when they were filming something by Shakespeare. It used to just be a grey wall but the villagers liked this better so they never got rid of it.

Just look at that library! I sat on a window seat in that room for at least 30 minutes, staring at all the books.

Land’s End and St. Ives

I love nature and I really enjoy hiking when I’m on holiday. That’s why I wanted to go to Land’s End. But it now is a sort of Disneyland. The cliffs are stunning and you get an amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean. But there’s also a big square with tourist shops that you have to walk through before you get to the cliffs. That kind of sucked.

After Land’s End, I got on the bus to St. Ives where I didn’t take any pictures (because people kind of ruin them). St. Ives is famous for its artists. And there is a lot of art. You just have to look past all the tourists. (Yes, I’m very aware that I am a tourist as well. Doesn’t mean I can’t complain about them.) It’s a quaint little town filled with galleries and independent shops. Definitely worth a visit – just not in the middle of summer!

And that was the first part of my trip. The camping wasn’t as bad as I expected. I just found out about these amazing portable espresso machines and it would have been great if I had known about those while I was camping, but all in all, I survived. Check in again next week to find out more about the second part of my camping trip. and to look at pretty pictures of all the things I’ve seen!

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