Why Being an Au Pair is Awesome

I’ve been posting on this blog for almost a year now, and I think it’s pretty clear that I love being an au pair. I’ll say once again that I’m extremely lucky with my host family and they are a huge part of why I like this job so much. But there are a lot of other reasons why being an au pair is awesome.

  1. You get to live in a different country for free

  2. If the kids are a bit older, you get loads of free time to explore

    Many au pairs only work early in the morning and then after 3 pm for a couple of hours. This means you will have a lot of time to do stuff like making new friends, exploring the city, going to language classes,

  3. Holidays

    When the parents get time off work, you get to go out and explore the country. Or, if you’re lucky, they take you on holiday with them. In that case, you will have to do some work and play with the kids, but it also means that you travel to places that you would never have travelled to yourself.

  4. Authentic cultural experience

    As a tourist, it’s easy to be closed off to the culture of a country. You can explore beautiful sites in a city, eat local foods and maybe meet some locals, but being an au pair gives you a real insight into what that country is all about.

    You don’t know a country until you’ve accepted all the things that are different from your hometown and they have become a part of your daily routine. This happens very quickly when you live with a host family.

    You will also learn about the traditions and customs of a country. Host families are usually more than happy to share this with their au pair and explain exactly why they do what they do.

  5. You’ll make friends for life

    I have met a lot of people in Aldershot that I got to spend a lot of time with. No other job in the world gives you the chance to spend time with co-workers you like. As an au pair, you can spend most of the day and evening together, get to know each other and go on adventures.

  6. Easier to learn a language

    If you live in a new country, it’s so much easier to learn the language than by trying to motivate yourself in your home country. It can be intimidating to speak that language at first. Try to get out of your comfort zone and talk to as many people as possible. It won’t take long before you start to feel more comfortable. As an au pair, your host family might even pay for you to go to language lessons.

  7. It’s an easy and quick way to establish yourself in a new city

    When you move abroad, you have to think about a lot of things like finding an apartment and a job, learning a new language, paperwork, taxes, etc. If you become an au pair, all of these issues disappear or are dealt with by someone else.


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