English Habits I’ve Picked Up Over the Past Year

I never really thought English culture was that different from the Netherlands. But, after a year in England, I have noticed a couple of different ones, and I have also picked up a couple of habits that are definitely not Dutch…

  1. Drinking tea with milk
    I don’t know if there are many countries where people drink their tea with milk. People in the Netherlands certainly don’t and though I knew it was something the English did, I never really considered it as something that I would like. It actually only took me about two weeks to start having milk in my tea.
  2. Queueing up for things
  3. Apologising
    Everyone knows that the English are incredibly polite. You can bump into them with your suitcase at the airport, and they will apologise to you. In the Netherlands, people just swear and yell at each other. Since moving here, I’ve started to apologise for the most random things.
  4. Driving on the other side of the road (and the other side of the car)
    I’ve been driving around England for about six months now, and I’ve really gotten used to it. I actually have to pay attention to what I’m doing if I drive in the Netherlands because I keep thinking I have to go left on roundabouts instead of right, which really isn’t safe.
  5. Humour
    English humour is quite sarcastic (which I love), and I have definitely picked up some of that – mostly thanks to my host dad.

Unfortunately, I have yet to pick up an actual English accent (or, as my parents like to complain about, a nice English boyfriend), but those are some habits that I’ve picked up. I’m sure that there are even more that I don’t even think about anymore. If you have ever lived in a different country, what habits did you pick up? And did you keep them up after leaving that country?


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