Day Trip to Winchester

Unlike the rest of the world, I stayed far away from Windsor on Saturday. My dad came over to visit me, and we briefly considered going there. But that was before we realised the wedding would take place in Windsor. So, I took my dad to Winchester instead.

We left Aldershot around nine, and it was a short drive to Winchester – only forty minutes. When we got there, the first thing I wanted to do was go and see the Great Hall and King Arthur’s roundtable. Unfortunately, some people are ridiculously wealthy and they decided to book the Great Hall for the day so that it was closed to the public. Not a great start to the day.

Instead of going straight to some other touristy thing, we decided to get some coffee in this adorable cafe on the high street. By the time we were done, the Cathedral was closed so that people could watch the wedding. My dad and I walked to Wolvesey Castle, which was gorgeous (I took loads of pictures). Then, we visited the city mill (a mill from the first century that is still in use) and walked back to the Cathedral. By this time, the wedding was over, and we could go inside. Architecture is not my strong suit, but I remember enough from art class to be able to appreciate the way it was built. I also liked the flooded crypt with a statue in the middle. Definitely recommend going to see it.

We left Winchester around 3 in the afternoon, and I drove my dad to the airport. On the way back home, my car started to make some weird noises so now I have to get that fixed. Again.

And then now, because I didn’t really take pictures of anything else, you can have a good look at the ruins of Wolvesey Castle.

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