TV-show recommendations by my host-dad

My host-dad loves watching tv and he likes recommending the shows that he watches. The thing is, his taste in films and tv-shows is completely different from mine. I like to watch dramatic shows with teenagers and lots of romance in them. His favourite genre is sci-fi – something I’m not a huge fan of.

Since I easily give up on watching things if I’m not interested in them, we made a deal. I have to watch the first episode of any show he recommends. Because then I’ll have given it a fair chance. At any given time, I have a list on my phone with at least twenty tv-shows or films that I have to watch. Some of them, I’m really not interested in, but sometimes the host-dad does recommend really good shows that I would never have watched otherwise. (Which, again, is why I watch the first episode of everything he recommends). And those are the shows that I want to talk about today.

I flew through the first nine episodes and then stopped watching because episode ten hadn’t come out yet. Sci-fi with really strong characters and good actors. Definitely have to continue and actually finish the first season.

A really old show that kind of grew on me as I watched more and more episodes. I tried watching the first episode a couple of years ago and didn’t even get through the first ten minutes, but then Curtis made me watch the entire first episode. And it was interesting enough to keep watching.

I recommend this to everyone, because it’s really funny but also extremely weird. It’s a Christmas story about an ex-cop turned hitman whose daughter he’s never met is kidnapped by an evil Santa. And he only finds out about her because a blue, flying horse called Happy comes to find him so that he can safe her.

This might be one of the most frustrating shows ever (irregular new episodes and a slow-burn that’s been going on for three bloody seasons), but it’s so worth it. This show is about the devil deciding that he’s had enough of Hell and goes on a permanent holiday to the human world. Chaos ensues.

I loved the first season, but the actor that actually plays Spartacus died after that. Slowly making my way through the second season, but I just don’t really care about the characters anymore. It is a great show to watch when you are just really tired and don’t want to think about anything. You can just stare at the screen and enjoy.


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