5 Things To Do With The Kids

Last Thursday, it was polling day (local elections) and Raphael and Etienne did not have to go to school. Which meant that I had to spend an entire day entertaining them. Now, since I’ve been here a while, it’s gotten easier to do that. The first time I had to watch them all day, was in August. I’d only been here for a few weeks, didn’t really know the kids and wasn’t at all prepared. By the end of that day, I was exhausted.

The next time I had them all day, was in December and I can still remember how relieved I was at the end of that day. It didn’t go as bad as that day in August, but it was, once again, exhausting. I take my hat off for au pairs that deal with tiny, crying babies all day long.

This past Thursday was definitely the best day yet, and that was because I had actually (sort of) planned what I was going to do with them. So, for anyone that needs some tips, here are five easy (and free) things that you can do with kids when they have a day off of school that won’t make you die out of boredom:

  1. Bake something
    I quite like baking stuff and usually use it as a way to procrastinate doing actual work. This Thursday, I walked the kids into town, got some baking mix and made cupcakes. Then, we found some old baking mixes for Christmas and Gingerbread cookies, so we made those as well. This activity kept us busy all morning, and the kids really loved it.
  2. Watch a film
    Again, something we did this Thursday. There was a showing of the Greatest Showman in the cinema in Farnborough, and I was lucky enough that we were invited by the mum of some of the kids’ friends. I really like the Greatest Showman and didn’t mind watching it again. Depending on the film you watch, you might actually enjoy yourself.
  3. Go to the park
    We live right next to the park, so it’s very easy for me to take the kids and walk over there. I always take a book to read and then just let the kids run around for a couple of hours.
  4. Arts & Crafts
    I wish I was one of those Super Au Pairs who can make anything with just some paper and glue. I hate crafting things with a passion and, thankfully, Raphael and Etienne aren’t a huge fan of it either, so I would only do this with them if I was completely desperate.
  5. Play a board game
    This one would make me die of boredom, but if you actually like board games, this can keep you, and the kids occupied for hours at a time

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