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It’s what all the souvenirs in the gift shop said, so I figured it would be a good title for this post.

Last Sunday, I drove up to Stonehenge with one of the other au pairs. It’s only an hour’s drive from Aldershot and since it is on at least one list of “Wonders of the World” we figured we had to go and see it at least once. I’ve been putting off a visit to Stonehenge for weeks because my father is coming over to England in a few weeks and he really wanted to go and see Stonehenge as well.

I’m sorry, dad. That’s not happening anymore.

We got to Stonehenge, found a parking spot quite easily and walked up to get our tickets. I was so happy that I have a National Trust membership because tickets for Stonehenge are 20 pounds per adult. Just a warning for anyone planning a visit.

It was absolutely freezing and Lucia and I were not really dressed for the weather. First, we decided to have some coffee to warm up (bring your own; the coffee there is watery and expensive).There was an exhibition about feasts in the olden times and we saw the tiny houses that people used to live in. Then we took a shuttle to the stones, where we quickly took some pictures. We walked all the way around and then immediately went back to the shuttle. If the weather had been better, I would have loved to walk around Stonehenge some more. The landscape looked stunning and I know that there are some other stones around there as well (ones that are not in a circle) that I would have liked to see.

Despite the cold and how cold it was, I did really enjoy this little day trip. The stones looked really cool. I planned to go full-on Outlander, touch the stones and travel back to 1743, but you can’t actually get close enough to try and touch them. So for anyone that was going to try that; bring someone to distract the people that work there.

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