Monthly Update: April 2018

These past few weeks, all of my posts have been about the shit I’ve been doing. Starting next week, I will actually be posting some posts on becoming an au pair, finding a host-family and other informative stuff that people need to know.

Highlights of April:

  • Going on holiday to Wales and the Lake District
  • Receiving my English driving license
  • We had three days of sun!
  • Two Singstar nights in one weekend. I was dying a little bit after that, but it was so worth it 🙂

Low points of April:

  • I spent a lot of money (way too much money)

Now, as to my new year’s resolutions:

Read 75 books – Currently reading book no. 66, so we’re more than ahead to reach this goal.

Do at least one cultural thing a month in 2018 – Yes, yes, yes. Other than all the things I saw in Wales and the Lake District, I saw Berkeley Castle and visited another National Trust-place (can’t remember what it’s called). My host-mum is also taking me to a comedy show in Aldershot this Saturday.

Graduate – No updates on this front, because my teachers are shit.

And with regards to the little to-do-list I gave myself, I did pretty well. Got new bookshelves, bought some plants (though I still want to buy more) and got rid of old clothes. My room is slightly messy again, but that was inevitable. I started planning my road trip for this summer (SO EXCITED), booked a holiday for May half-term and made some playlists.

What I did not do: writing. Whether we’re talking about my thesis or my other writing projects – I didn’t do any writing. Since I published Long Overdue, I haven’t felt like writing anything, even though I do have ideas for a couple of different stories. I’ll try this again in May; I just have to sit down and start writing.


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