Warner Bros Studio Tour

This blog post is extremely late. At the beginning of January, I went on the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was six years old and had been dreaming about visiting the Universal Studios for a very long time. Booked my tickets four months in advance and sat on a train for almost three hours to get there. It was so worth it.

The tour starts with a short introduction video where the actors talk about what you can expect. Then, you enter the Great Hall, which was decorated for the Christmas Ball. It was glorious. Afer that, you can walk around different sets, look at costumes, play Quidditch and just admire all the props and the details the makers of the Harry Potter films put in everything.

They sell butterbeer (so good!) in the cafeteria and there is a gift shop at the end of the tour where I went a little bit crazy. Bought loads of Hufflepuff-merch. And a Pygmy Puff.

The Warner Bros Studio Tour is very interactive and it is a great place to take kids (the host-family went there a few weeks before me). I definitely recommend going on this tour.


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