Goals for 2018

Happy New Year! Hope you had an amazing holiday! Last week, I reflected on the goals I had set myself for 2017 and I actually did pretty well. This upcoming year, I’m setting myself another ten goals and I’m going to try to accomplish all of them.

  1. Graduate
    I’m just going to try this again this year. Would love to actually do this in 2018, since I only have until July 2019 and I’m going to be stressed if this turns into a last-minute thing.
  2. Finish writing a book
    I took the first step and started writing one. Now, I just have to finish writing and edit it. I’m going to have to force myself to sit down and do this instead of watching tv.
  3. Read 75 books
    I’m taking it easy by only setting myself 75 books to read because there are so many other things that I want/have to do. Chances are pretty good that I read more than this, but I don’t want to stress myself out.
  4. Business plan
    Since I’m officially moving everything to England in 2018, I really want to sit down and write out a business plan and figure out where, exactly, I’m going with my translation work.
  5. Get finances in order
    This goal kind of fits in with the business plan one. As a freelancer, I don’t have a steady income and my bank accounts (yes, I have more than one) are a complete mess. I want to start giving myself a salary and save up more money. Keep track of bills and how much I spend and start saving up money so I can potentially buy a house in 2019.
  6. Create something
    When I was in secondary school, I knit scarves and I really enjoyed doing that. I would like to start this again. Or maybe make my own blanket. Just make something that you can see and that isn’t on my computer. Might be a good thing to do while listening to audio books as well…
  7. Do something cultural every month
    One of my goals from last year. I’m going to try this again and really do something cultural every month. This can be different things; going to the cinema, the theatre, a museum, explore a new city, etc. I love doing those kinds of things, but I don’t really do them enough because there are other things that ‘need’ to get done first.
  8. New blog post every week
    I love blogging, but I have not been very consistent with it. Going to try to post something new every Tuesday in 2018.

The same amount of goals as last year. Let’s see how I do in 2018.


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