A Day Trip to Oxford

After my week in Scotland, I still had another week off work. The kids and host-mum were gone for the week and it was really quiet in the house, so I decided to go on a day trip to Oxford.

Now, everyone has heard of Oxford University and has seen pictures of it. And this was the main reason I wanted to go there. I wanted to see the old buildings that have been there for so many centuries and learn about the history of the town. Another plus is that Oxford is small enough that you can see loads of things in just one day. I walked around different buildings of the university, avoided Dutch tourists, and had some really good coffee. It was a great day.

These are some of the things I saw when I was there and it was absolutely lovely. This is the kind of town that people think of when they think of England. Small, quaint houses and cobbled streets. A nice surprise was the little Alice in Wonderland shop that I stumbled upon. They sold all kinds of cute things in there, all to do with Wonderland. I knew that Lewis Carroll had connections to Oxford, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that I would find something like that here.

There was a Jane Austen exhibition in the library in Oxford as well, which was very interesting. It was not only about her life but also about her family and the way life used to be. As a huge Jane Austen fan, I really enjoyed this exhibition. I was very lucky because I didn’t know about it and actually got there on the very last day of the exhibition.

In the end, I did lots of literary things in Oxford – things I didn’t even know were there. I had a great time and would definitely go there again! Maybe visit the Botanic Gardens – I’ve heard those are lovely.


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