Becoming an Au Pair in England // The British Chapter

au pair in England

starting my year as an au pair

I have known since January that this was coming. The day that I am officially leaving the Netherlands is finally coming closer and in only a few more weeks, I am going leave home to be an au pair in England.

Why be an Au Pair in England?

I have always been obsessed with England (reading and watching Harry Potter will do that to you). It’s been my go-to holiday country for many years and I have wanted to move there since I was fourteen years old. I just never did because it’s so freaking expensive. Also, how are you going to find an apartment and a job if you live in a different country?

Of course, moving to England is also a great way to improve my pronunciation. And I really want a British accent.

It’s been many years since I first considered becoming an au pair. When I was eleven, I had a French teacher who had experience working as an au pair. I absolutely loved the idea of going to live in France. The fact that I was only eleven years old and that no sane family would hire someone that young to take care of children, didn’t even cross my mind.

Fast forward ten years later and here we are. About to embark on an adventure that is – hopefully – going to change my life forever.

The British Chapter

In The British Chapter, I want to talk about all things related to being an au pair. What exactly is an au pair? How do you find a host family? What do you take with you in your suitcase? What are good ways to entertain the kids?

I also want to talk about my experiences as an au pair. What is it like to move to another country? How bad can a culture shock be? Not only do I think this could be quite helpful for other people that are thinking about becoming an au pair in England, I also want to keep some kind of record of the things I’m going to be doing and feeling.

Am I going to come back a completely changed person? Who knows. For now, I am just excited that I am going to do something completely different with my life.


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